Custom-Designed Garden Benches

There are three main ways to create a custom-designed concrete garden bench. Some people have the equipment to incise a design into a cast concrete bench to give it an individualized look. Most people, however, will not be able to do this with the tools they have at home.

The second way to customize an existing bench is to mortar some tiles to the top, in your own special design.

And the third way to create a custom-designed bench is to build a mold of your bench top from scratch. You can then include a favorite word, phrase or quotation, or add a design or picture that will be permanently molded into the cement.

The photo at the top of this article shows a cement bench that has a profile of a horse that has been molded into the bench top and then painted with weatherproof paint.

Creating your own mold allows you to avoid the common mistake of allowing water to collect in incised areas of the cement top. Any decoration should be designed in a way that allows water to run off. If water collects in the design, even if the indentations are relatively small, the power of freezing water can cause the cement to crack.

Although most of the attention goes to the top of a custom-designed garden bench, it is also possible to create your own molds for the legs, as well. Or you could purchase leg molds and then design a top with your own creative touch. Great attention must be made to the way in which the legs are designed to attach to the top, so the finished bench can be assembled with hidden bolts.

Some popular themes for individualized outdoor furniture are leaves and flowers molded into the bench. The name of a new baby, along with his birthdate, would be a nice addition to any grandparent’s garden. If there is a special quotation or bible verse that inspires you, it can be made a permanent part of your garden by molding it into a concrete bench.