Pouring a Custom Concrete Garden Bench

Video shows Pete hanging the rebar cage, pouring the concrete, using a vibrator to remove air bubbles, troweling, and embedding the hardware in a custom-made concrete garden bench mold.

4 Responses to “Pouring a Custom Concrete Garden Bench”

  1. MB Says:

    Great benches – do you make and sell moulds?

  2. Pete Says:

    No, sorry, I don’t sell the moulds.

  3. Andy S. Says:

    Hi Mr. Pete
    Have several benches my Grandad made many years ago—one of them has a leg broken off from the top–apparently no reinforcement used. Any suggestions on how to “Save”?????

  4. Pete Says:

    Do you have a picture of the bench? We might have some good suggestions if we could see it, or if you could describe the damage. Is the leg still intact but it looks bad, or does it need to be replaced? you can send a photo to dianneh6@yahoo.com

    Be sure to put “bench” in the subject line.

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