Concrete Park Bench

A concrete park bench is made exactly the same way that smaller backyard garden benches are made, but the mold is almost always larger and sturdier so it can stand up to the heavy weight of the concrete after it’s been poured. Legs and tops are firmly attached to each other for safety.

One reason that a cement bench is so appealing in a backyard garden is that it makes an ordinary flower border and lawn feel like a park. Landscaping can be created to flow around the bench, and sight lines should be carefully considered before placing the bench in the garden, because it’s weight will make it difficult to move.

Concrete is often used for park benches because it weathers naturally and requires almost no upkeep. This material, which is also used to make sidewalks and buildings of all kinds, will last a lifetime or more. Reinforcing rods are placed inside the mold before the concrete is poured to add additional strength.