Concrete Garden Bench

A concrete garden bench has several advantages over the more common wooden and plastic models. They last a lifetime, they can be personalized and customized by the craftsman who builds them, and they blend into the landscaping with beauty and style.

Your author has made a number of customized benches, like the one in the photo above. They can have an image of a horse or other favorite animal, or an inspiring word or phrase. Because a concrete bench is very heavy and transportation costs are high, if you want a custom-made bench for your garden you will want to  make your own or find a local craftsman who can do it for you.

Because they last a lifetime or more, many people order a custom-designed bench to commemorate a special occasion, such as the birth of a baby, or to remember someone who has passed on. Other people choose to have a famous quote or a verse from the bible that has has special meaning to them.

Stock benches are also a beautiful addition to a garden, and can be found in a number of architectural styles to compliment the home or landscaping theme. The cast-stone look is timeless, and unlike other materials, a cement bench will stay looking beautiful with almost no upkeep.

The one thing that can damage a concrete bench is freezing water. You should check to make sure the top of your bench does not have dips or valleys that can collect water. If the water is able to collect in the design, it will expand when it freezes, which can cause cracks in the surface of the bench. Most designers will take pains to avoid this, because they want their handiwork to last a very long time.

The traditional grey color of concrete blends well with any landscape, but other colors can be added to the cement before it’s poured into the mold. Color can also be added after the bench is made, to highlight a design – like the bench in the photo above.